Finally, Find Out The Real Reason Why You're Fatherless 

A Change is Needed and Needed ASAP!

So, you think you know why you are angry? Are you being told it might be because your father wasn’t in your life? What answers are you specifically looking for? Millions of children and grown-ups too are asking the same questions. “Why did my father choose to be away and out of my life?” The answer might surprise you. In my opinion, the mothers of these children have a significant part in this situation and this might not even be their fault. These women were never giving any advice or guidance on how important it was to choose the correct man to be a father for their children. We must start giving them this information and right now. Our children are waiting on us for change.

Who's Really at Fault?

Fathers and mothers are walking the streets today knowing they were never given the tools to be in a respectful relationship of give and take. So they looked to society for help and this has been a disaster. Look at your local and national news and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Shootings, killings, rapes, negativity, negativity, negativity. This person is at fault, that person is fault and no one is trying to figure why our children are so filled with rage. If we would just understand that a major reason for all of this destruction is the father being absent in their children’s lives, then we can finally start to make some change. So, how did we get to this point? Well there is plenty of blame to go around. But, this page is not about blame but results.

Mom and Dads, You Have To Do Better

We as a society have got to start taking this fatherless issue seriously. We are only hurting our children and the generations coming behind them. Get the only book where you can find out why you are fatherless. Mommy, Is He My Daddy is an e-book that gives you the power to find out the truth! Get it Now!

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